Performing Arts/Dance Injury

The PART (Performing Arts Rehab and Training) at Phoenix was started to provide a unique space for dancers to recover from injury. Functional rehab requires you to have the space you need to roll around on the floor or do foutte turns. But that is not all! Physical therapy with a dance medicine specialist produces the strength and technique corrections you need to reach your goals, and the hands-on treatment (myofascial release, joint mobilization, taping, etc) you need to feel better in the process. We also use pain modalities, KT taping, neuromuscular re-education techniques, balance equipment and weight training to help you get where you need to be.

Our physical therapists are specialists in dance medicine and understand the demands placed on a dancer’s body. They are uniquely equipped to observe, diagnose, and treat current injuries as well as identify compensation patterns and technique deficits that may lead to future injury.

Our goal is not simply to rehabilitate dancers, but to ensure that they return to dance stronger than before.

We offer a variety of specialty programs for dancers of different ages, intensity levels, and disciplines. All services are customized to the individual dancer’s needs and goals. Many programs can be arranged on-site at local studios or virtually.

How we Treat Dance/Performing Arts Injuries:

• Physical Therapy
• Injury Prevention Screens
• Personal Training
• Performance/Targeted Training
• Performance Specific Movement Analysis
• Pointe Readiness
• Performing Arts/Dance Injury

Types Of Dance/Performing Arts Injuries We Treat:

• Hyper/hypo mobility (too flexible, too tight)

• All types of foot and ankle problems
• Back pain
• Sore shoulders
• Pre-pointe strengthening
• Hip problems
• Ongoing (chronic) aches and pains
• Fresh injuries (sprains, strains)
• Post-operative recovery
• Tendonitis
• Sciatica
• Recovery from old, nagging injuries
• Persistent weakness

Please come prepared to move. Wear pants that can be pulled up over your knees, and a top that can expose your shoulders (like a camisole). A changing area is available in the bathroom. If you wear dance shoes, and/or have a question about your shoes, bring them!

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Physical Therapy can provide relief to neck pain resulting in decreased headaches, neck, and shoulder pain.

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Pain Management

Pain Management

During your first visit with the physical therapist, know that our therapists are not only interested in your pain as a condition, but we are concerned about how this pain affects your overall life. We create your plan of care with your whole self in mind.

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Performing Arts / Dance Injury

Performing Arts / Dance Injury

We created the Performing Arts Rehab & Training Center to allow dancers to feel welcome in a space that understand the unique physical therapy and training needs of the performing artist.

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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

We offer same and next day appointments to address sports injuries before they progress. Contact our office ASAP if you need to be seen following a sports related injury.

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Work Injuries

Workers Compensation

We work with many workers compensation companies to make sure that you are not only able to return to work, but the lifestyle you enjoyed before your injury.

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