What is Light Therapy?

Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique that utilizes a therapeutic dose of light to promote cellular healing and decrease inflammation. It provides a deeper, more targeted effect that reduces pain and restores the normal range of motion to the dysfunctional area. This lasting pain relief treatment has been cleared by the FDA since 2003 and offers a safe alternative to medicine and surgery.

How Does Laser Work?

Lasers work through a process called photobiomodulation where light energy can change and affect processes that happen at the cellular level in the human body. In this case, light energy stimulates cellular metabolism to encourage the growth of new cells and facilitate the healing of damaged cells.

Laser Light affects the body in a few ways:

• Light energy is absorbed by melanin (skin pigment), hemoglobin (a blood protein responsible for transporting oxygen), and water. This energy is dissipated as heat, which creates a soothing warmth. This soothing warmth creates a relaxing feeling in your body.

• Light energy increases the production of ATP in the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) so more energy is available for biological processes including healing.

• Light energy facilitates the release of nitric oxide which improves circulation to damaged tissue. This allows for better oxygen exchange, better nutrient exchange, and removal of wastes.

• Light energy releases important chemicals that regulate inflammation.

Increase Blood Flow

While laser therapy benefits patients with chronic or acute pain, the underlying cause of pain is often remote from the source. For this reason, laser therapy is used as a powerful complement to existing physical therapy treatments. It can be used before or after surgical procedures and in conjunction with rehabilitation programs. Patients experience a warm, therapeutic sensation and a reduction in pain immediately following treatment which allows them to better perform their physical therapy exercises and daily activities. Four to six sessions are often recommended for patients to experience the true benefit of laser therapy.

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