Manual therapy is non-invasive and it does not require any harmful medications. Instead, our licensed physical therapists use a variety of techniques that help move your tendons, ligaments, and joints in ways that focus on pain relief and healing. They also help in minimizing swelling and reducing scar tissue.

Our physical therapists at our Garner NC location are highly-trained medical professionals who understand both the capabilities and limitations of your body. In fact, you may notice relief and/or improvement after just one session of manual therapy!



When you participate in physical therapy massage treatments, they may seem a little different than those you might receive at a spa. Physical therapy massages are therapeutic in nature, focusing on facilitating the healing process, rather than relaxation only. 

Our physical therapists use massage treatments as a way to manipulate the soft tissues, in order to break up any scar tissue or adhesions in the affected body part. This is done through deep pressure and rhythmic stretching, allowing the physical therapist to find and mobilize areas of your body that are heavily restricted.

Manual Traction

When our physical therapists perform manual traction, they will apply a gentle force to a certain area of the body, in order to stretch it out. The neck is the most common part of the body to receive manual traction treatments; however, it is possible that your physical therapist may recommend manual traction on other parts of the body as well.

To treat neck pain with manual traction, your physical therapist will have you lie down on your back, and then they will gently take the base of your skull in one hand and your chin in the other, in order to stretch the spaces between your vertebrae. This is typically done for 5-10 seconds at a time.


You may experience severe pain after an injury as a result of a restricted joint. Our physical therapists are trained in loosening restricted joints by applying pressure at a low velocity.

Mobilization and manipulation techniques are painless, safe, and effective. They also allow for an increased range of motion, in addition to the breakdown of the joint’s barrier.

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